MVP Breakdown – And The Winner Is…

Drumroll Please…


If I had to pick this years MVP, I honestly couldn’t do it. So I would have to say that this year’s MVP (in my opinion) would have to be a tie! Yes, that’s right a tie. The NBA is no stranger to indecision. There have been two Co-Rookie’s of the Year before (Jason Kidd/Grant Hill, Elton Brand/Steve Francis). There have been Co-All Star Game MVP’s before (Shaquille O’Neal/Tim Duncan, John Stockton/Karl Malone, Elgin Baylor/Bob Petit). But never in the history of the league has there been Co-MVP’s. So this year my MVP’s are….

Kobe Bryant & Chris Paul!! (applause here)

You can’t really go wrong with either of those two (sorry LeBron). In fact, you can’t really make one person’s case stronger than the other. Both of these guys have led their teams to first place in their respective divisions and they are 1 and 2 in the Western Conference right now. The Lakers made the Playoffs last year as a 7th seed, but they’re in a battle right now for the top seed in the Western Conference along with New Orleans who didn’t even make it at all. Without these two guys the Lakers and the Hornets would be in the Michael Beasley sweepstakes (that post coming soon) right now.

Will the NBA have Co-MVP’s this year? Probably not. They never have before and my guess is that this will probably be one of the closest races in recent memory. My gut tells me that Chris Paul will probably win it; especially if New Orleans wins the West.

I know that I said at the beginning of this whole thing that the decision on who wins the MVP this year should be made on basketball and not personal feelings, but so what. Kobe Bryant should win this years MVP. Why? Because he’s due, and…my 3 year old son loves him.


One Response

  1. CO-MVPs???? No, not CO-MVP, but KOBE!

    Chris Paul is great, and he is very deserving, but it’s Kobe’s year….

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