Michael Beasley – Kansas State


Power Forward

At 6’10” and 235 lbs Michael Beasley is a beast. Predicted to go #1 this year by just about everyone, he is the player who is most ready to make the jump. In his first season of college basketball, he pretty much dominated. His numbers you ask? Ridiculous; better than Kevin Durant last year. Try 26.2 points (#3 in the nation), 12.4 rebounds (#1 in the nation), and 1.7 blocks; not to mention he shot 53% from the field (#2 in the nation), 77% from the free throw line and 38% from deep! How many guys that size, on any level – college or pro – can get it done like that? Not many my friend, not many. He was also named to the all Big 12 first team along with being named the conference’s Freshman and Player of the Year. He is also a finalist for the Naismith Award and if it wasn’t for the love affair that the NCAA has for Tyler Hansbrough we might be talking about the second freshman from the Big 12 in as many years being voted player of the year in college basketball.

Strengths: First and foremost, this kid is an absolute beast on the boards both on the offensive and defensive glass. For his size he is an incredible athlete who can run the floor and will be able to play both the 3 and the 4 in the league. Not only is he a physical player that can rebound and post up, he’s also a capable ball handler who can shoot the deep jumper and the three.

Weaknesses: Of course he’s going to need to improve his man to man defense as well as his ball handling skills and the consistency on his “J”. Some people have also said that he has an attitude problem. Oh yeah? So does Allen Iverson and he’s one of the greatest players ever. Me personally, I want my big man to be a little nasty. As long as he’s coachable (which Beasley appears to be) you can work around it.

Grade: A+

Suggestion: Take the Cash

Summary: Just like Kevin Durant, Beasley dominated college basketball. Just like Kevin Durant, he got bounced in the second round of the tournament. But unlike Kevin Durant, Michael Beasley is the favorite to go #1 this year.


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