Possible NBA Finals Preview?

It Could Happen


The NBA Playoffs

Well here it is basketball fans…it’s playoff time! The brackets are all set and it’s time to separate the men from the boys. This weekend marks the beginning of an almost 2 month run to decide who will be this year’s NBA champion. I’ll break down each of the matchups in both the Eastern and Western conference. Hopefully I’m better at picking winners in the NBA than I was in the NCAA’s!

In The News…Kevin Love

Kevin Love officially declared for the NBA yesterday. He has not hired an agent yet which gives him the option of returning to UCLA for his spohmore season. The conference freshman and POY led his team to the Final Four this year, losing to Memphis in the semifinal. He led the Bruins in scoring and to a 35 win season this year. He’s been projected to be a top 10 pick in the lottery.

In The News…Tyreke Evans

Tyreke Evans has reportedly picked Memphis over Villanova & Texas as the school he will play college basketball for next season. With Derrick Rose – and possibly Chris Douglas-Roberts – opting to play professional basketball next year, the ball will definitely be in Tyreke’s hands. Personally, I think a Rose/Evans backcourt would’ve been nasty! Oh well…we can’t all have what we want now can we?!

In The News…Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers clinched the top spot in the Western Conference witha victory over the Sacramento Kings last night. If you read my previous post on the MVP race, I guess this means that Kobe Bryant will win his 1st MVP award this year? I certainly hope so…I’m pulling for you Kob! You certainly deserve it (your family certainly seems to think so).

In The News…Michael Beasley

In a surprise to no one, Michael Beasley officially declared for the NBA today. He was pretty much “The Man” the entire year and was by far the most dominant college basketball player in the country…as a freshman! He is almost certain to go #1 this year and feels that he needs to take his game “to the next level”. He’s only the 3rd player in NCAA history to lead the nation in rebounds to go along with having the 2nd most rebounds and 3rd most points ever recorded by a freshman. Oh yeah, he also helped K-State to it’s 1st tounament victory…in 20 years!! What else was there for him to do?

In The News…Derrick Rose

As expected, Derrick Rose has decided to turn pro next season. He has offcially declared for the NBA draft. He is almost certain to be either the #1 or #2 pick this year which I’m sure was a factor in his decision. Good Luck “Pooh”…you know “The Chi” is pulling for you fam-o!!