In The News…The Miami Heat

 About 2 weeks ago, Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor accused Kevin Garnett of “tanking it” when he sat out the teams final 5 games of the season last year. KG, tanking it?! I didn’t believe it then and I still don’t believe it now. But who’s going to call out the Miami Heat? It’s one thing to say that a player tanked it, but a whole team? A whole organization? Come on!

First Alonzo Mourning went down with a dislocated knee in December. Then in February they traded Shaquille O’Neal to Phoenix. In March Dorell Wright needed to have surgery on his knee and a week after that Dwyane Wade decided to hang up his Converse for the rest of the year to rehab his own knee (he was able to go down to Peoria, IL to see Richards HS, his alma mater win it’s first ever state championship though). A week after that, Udonis Haslem needed to have surgery on his ankle (I didn’t even know he was hurt) and now Shawn Marion is out for the rest of the year because of his foot. What’s next? Is Pat Riley going to sit the rest of the year out because they stopped making his favorite hair gel all of a sudden?!

I’m not going to sit here and say that these injuries and surgeries aren’t legit. But when 3 key players go down for the rest of the season all in a 2 week span it raises some questions.  No team will ever admit to intentionally sabotaging a season for the sake of having more balls in the lottery in June; and it’s not like Miami was any better when these guys on the court anyway because they were still the worst team in the league. But if this isn’t tanking I don’t know what is. From NBA champions to the NBA Lottery. How the mighty have fallen. I hope Michael Beasley is getting his SPF 15 ready.


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