In The News…Eric Gordon


Dear Eric Gordon,

It was reported over the weekend that you are the first of the fabulous freshman to put your name into the NBA draft. Good for you Eric! You led the Big 10 in scoring, you led your team to the “Big Dance” and many people have said that you’re going to be a top 10 pick. But, you also fizzled out towards the end of the year and Arkansas shut you down in the tournament. In a league where the guys are much bigger, stronger and faster than the entire Razorback team…how much do you think you’re going to produce in the league Eric? What position are you going to play Eric? Who are you going to be able to guard Eric? Name the last player from Indiana University – not named Isiah Thomas – to have a productive career in the league Eric? I hope the people pushing you to make this decision are geniuses when it comes to business because after the ink dries on your rookie contract you better start planning for life after basketball…which could come sooner than you think. I hope you didn’t hire an agent.

Eric, I’m not saying that you can’t ball…but one of two things could happen here:

  • You could have a Ben Gordon like career or…
  • Since Indiana is basically the Duke of the midwest, you could end up like JJ Redick.

Eric, I know that if you ever read this you’ll probably get upset and wanna see me when you come to Chicago. But in the words of ‘Lil Wayne:

And I aint never ran from a Hoosier and today aint the day that I’m about to start runnin’…

But I’m not a hater…so gone and get your money “Little Indiana Boy”!!


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