The National Championship – Memphis vs Kansas


I have to say that I was quite surprised at the Final Four this weekend. Yes I picked UCLA to go all the way; I guess that’s what I get for being a Chicagoan and picking against a hometown guy right? Truthfully speaking though, that game could’ve gone either way. But the way Kansas manhandled North Carolina…absolute shocker! So here we are, a few hours away from crowning a new champion and there is only one absolute certainty in this game. A Chicago guy (Derrick Rose – Simeon or Sherron Collins – Crane) is going to bring home an NCAA ‘ship!

Overview: Memphis showed why they are pretty much the best team in the country at 38-1. Not only do they continue to win games, but they do it convincingly (except against Mississippi State). The overall height, speed and quickness of their team has presented matchup problems for every team that they’ve faced this year. Their rebounding has also posed problems, especially off of missed shots because that’s pretty much an instant fast break once Memphis secures the rebound; they also finish at the basket better than anyone in the country. Kansas has showed a lot of spirit defensively…especially in their trap, and the three headed post monster of Darnell Jackson, Darrell Arthur and Sasha Kaun have posed matchup problems of their own. All in all this should be a great National Championship game…especially for Adidas!

The X-Factor: Derrick Rose, Chris Douglas-Roberts and Antonio Anderson have all provided matchup problems for opposing teams smaller guards because they are so long and athletic. Will Sherron Collins, Mario Chalmers and Russell Robinson be able to handle the pressure that will definitely be coming their way both offensively and defensively. Will Kansas’ bigs be able to keep Memphis off the boards and slow down their fast break as well as put points on the board should their guard offense be neutralized?

Prediction: Memphis

Ok, So I was wrong in my previous 2 predictions but I think this one may be right on. Memphis has been consistently dominating the competition and they’ve been doing it with great guard play and solid defense. Kansas pulled off a major “upset” by beating UNC but I think their run ends tonight.


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