With The First Pick In The 2008 NBA Draft…

What are the odds? Try 1.7%, that’s it. That’s the only chance that my beloved Chicago Bulls had of winning the 2008 NBA Lottery. The whole city of Chicago was resigned to our fates of picking no better than 9th this year. But guess what? We did it!! We won the right to select either Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley on June 26th. Screw the Powerball…this is way bigger! 10 years after the “Death of a Dynasty”, 10 years of rebuilding, and rebuilding, and rebuilding, we finally have a chance to push ourselves back into the conversation of perennial Eastern Conference elite teams. Dear Mr. Reisndorf and Mr. Paxson…please don’t screw this up! This is a once in a lifetime shot, this is a position that we’ve never been in before and you guys can’t afford to blow it. Please bring Derrick Rose home!!

Now, I know that you can’t go wrong with Beasley or Rose but let’s look at the state of the NBA today. A league once run by the big man has given way to the little man. In fact, if you take a look at all 16 teams in this year’s playoffs, each team has one thing in common…they all have very good point guards. Check it out:

LA – Derek Fisher, Denver – Allen Iverson, New Orleans – Chris Paul, Dallas – Jason Kidd, San Antonio – Tony Parker, Phoenix – Steve Nash, Utah – Deron Williams, Houston – Rafer Alston, Boston – Rajon Rondo, Atlanta – Mike Bibby, Detroit – Chauncey Billups, Philly – Andre Miller, Orlando – Jameer Nelson, Toronto – T.J. Ford, Cleveland – Delonte West, Washington – Gilbert Arenas

Of these players, 7 are All-Stars, 5 have played for NBA championships, 3 have rings, 2 have MVP’s and 1 has a scoring title. The league is changing and I hope the Bulls are smart enough to recognize the direction that it’s going in. The PG rules…period. Guys like Michael Beasley can be built. You can teach someone to do the exact same things that he does but guys like Rose, you can’t teach that. True point guards are born, you either have it or you don’t and it’s really that simple. You can find scorers, you can find defensive specialists anywhere, but like a “true” center, a “true” point guard is a rarity and when you come across one, you have to take him. Chris Paul is the single reason for the Hornet’s success, Utah can thank Deron Williams for theirs, and Detroit has been to the Eastern Conference Finals every year since Chauncey Billups signed on. I could keep going, but I’m sure you get it. Teams are being built around point guards. Yeah, Kirk Hinrich is good…but he’s no Derrick Rose. I’ll go out on a limb and say that Rose is better than Hinrich RIGHT NOW!! He may not be as a good a shooter as Kirk is, but that’s about the only advantage that Hinrich has over Rose right now. You watch, guys like Beasley will start to come every few years…guys like Rose? Well, let’s just say that Tuesday night the moon over Chicago looked a little blue.


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