Ok, so did anybody see Game 1 of LA vs San Antonio? If there was anybody who disputed Kobe’s MVP legitimacy, last night was the perfect example of why he deserved to win. Basically, it went down like this. In the first half, my man was basically a decoy. He was more concerned with setting up his teammates for easy baskets…and he did. After the 1st half however, many people were wondering what the heck was up with #24? Through the first 24 minutes of regulation he was 1-3 with only 2 points. Yeah, you read it right…2 points. Phil Jackson went so far as to imply that Kobe was on vacation by saying he was running the “Bermuda Triangle” and not the sideline triangle.

Early in the 3rd Quarter, the Lakers found themselves down by 20…and that’s when Kobe put on his Superman cape, put the Lakers on his back and “Yooooouuuuu” should’ve seen it…my man went off!! He led his team on a 14-0 scoring run which got them back in the game and raised the energy in the Staples Center. It was very reminiscent of the run that put Portland out of it’s misery a few years back in the playoffs which essentially was the end of an era for them (hint, hint).  Once Kobe started to get it going, there wasn’t much the Spurs could do to stop him. Bruce Bowen, nope. Manu Ginobili, don’t even try it. Ime Udoka, who? Last night’s performance was the reason why he’s the best in the game. Recognize.


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