In The News…Doug Collins To Coach The Bulls?


OK…so it’s being reported that my beloved Chicago Bulls are prepared to name Doug Collins as the teams not-so-new head coach. The only question that I have is why? I thought we were trying to win here, not engage in some weird “Manhattan Project” experiment that’s going to blow professional basketball in this town to smithereens. Seriously Mr. Paxson and Mr. Reinsdorf, I know you guys blew it with the whole Mike D’Antoni thing but you mean to tell me that there was not a single candidate out there better than DougGet the ball to Michael and get the hell out of the way” Collins? He coached the best player EVER (twice) and couldn’t get it done; so how many games do you think we’re going to win with a team that doesn’t even have the best player in Chicago? All I know is, you guys in the front office had better draft Derrick Rose now otherwise I’m calling for heads…and for Mark Cuban to buy the team. At least he knows what it takes to buld a winner. Gimme a break…Doug Collins; wow! What’s next? Chris Collins of Duke – his son – will be named assistant coach and eventually take over as head coach?! I would’ve felt better if it was Dr. Jack Ramsey, or what about Hubie Brown; did anybody call him? Doug Collins?!?! I suspect that Paula Abdul will be getting a call to be the new coach of the Luv-a-Bulls real soon. Joakim Noah…your troubles are officially an afterthought my friend. You have the owner and the GM to thank for that. Stay tuned Bulls fans…


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