Dwane Casey Considered Bulls Frontrunner??

So I saw this headline yesterday and I actually got excited for a minute. Granted…I didn’t know much about Dwane Casey other than the fact that he coached the Minnesota Timberwolves for a year and half before being canned last February; but what I did know is that anybody would be better than Doug Collins. But then I had an epiphany. Dwane Casey isn’t a “legitimate” frontrunner for the head coaching position at all. This is just a classic case of affirmative action; Collins unfortunately is still the guy. Generally, all professional sports teams (hockey being the exception) catch a lot of flack when they hire coaches without interviewing at least one minority candidate. The Bulls have interviewed three; Chuck “The Rifleman” Person, Tyrone Corbin and Casey. Avery Johnson would’ve made four but he is trying to collect on $12mil still owed to him by the Dallas Mavericks and he needs to sit out in order to do that. With the negative press the team has gotten in the local and national media recently, the last thing they need is to be accused of hiring Collins outright without interviewing any minorities. So does Dwane Casey have a legitimate shot at being the next head coach of the Bulls? Probably not…especially when he wasn’t reported to be a frontrunner in any of the local media outlets.


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