In The News…Vinny Del Negro To Be The New Coach Of The Bulls

Wow…I take back everything that I said about Doug Collins!! Is it too late to call him back?? This move is just outright unbelievable on behalf of the Bulls. Look, I know that it’s been a long 7 week search, and with the draft coming up you really need to have a head coach in place; but why hire a guy who was an assistant GM with the Phoenix Suns, but didn’t even crack the teams final four in their own head coaching search? I just don’t get it. What are those guys in the front office thinking!? You’re handing the keys over to a guy with ZEROhead coaching experience? Rumor is he’s pretty smart and has a good basketball mind, but c’mon is he really the guy that’s going to turn things around? That remains to be seen.

I won’t say it’s entirely negative though. Since he was an assistant GM in Phoenix, it’s safe to say that he had a hand in constructing a team that ran an up tempo offense and was very fun to watch. I guess the Bulls organization figured if you can’t get the Sun’s old head coach, hire one of his bosses. And if he doesn’t work out as head coach, he can always replace John Paxson in the front office right? The other good thing that comes from this signing is that since Del Negro is an 11 year NBA veteran PG who comes from a team that ran a high octane offense with a Hall of Fame PG in Steve Nash, this almost assures us that Derrick Rose is coming home!! You know what, after writing this…I’m kind of OK with this decision after all. Good luck Vinny, and I hope you have thick skin. Old man Mariotti can make winters in Chi-Town unbearable!!


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