2008 NBA Draft

Here’s a serious basketball question for those “basketball minds” out there. A week from Thursday in New York City the dreams of 60 young men (and their families) will finally be realized by them being chosen to play in the NBA. The question is, if you’re a GM or an owner of a team, do you draft based on need or do you take the best player available? I ask that question because I myself am conflicted on the issue; especially this year with the Chicago Bulls having the #1 pick. We all know the argument…Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley, which do you take? Most people feel that Beasley is the “best” player in the draft, but the Bulls really don’t “need” another 6’10” player on their roster. On the flip side of that is Rose who is a PG, but the Bulls really don’t “need” a PG because they have Kirk Hinrich. Very similar to last year where with Kevin Durant and Greg Oden. Me personally, I take Rose…but that’s because I have a Chicago bias and I feel like there will be another Michael Beasley before there’s another Derrick Rose. But I also think that Beasley can come in and help right away with scoring and rebounding too. Best player available or need…you decide.


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