The Boston Celtics – 2008 NBA Champions

It was a Boston massacre and that’s pretty much all there is to say about that. The Celtics blew the Lakers out by 38pts last night to win their 17th NBA Championship. Paul Pierce took home the Finals MVP which really came as a surprise to no one as he was clearly the most dominant player in the series (sorry Kobe). Doc RIvers (Chi-Town!!) became the second African-American coach to win an NBA Championship since K.C. Jones did it 22 years ago with ironically, the Boston Celtics. P2 along with Kevin Garnett (Chi-Town!!) and Ray Allen finally got a chance to stand on the podium and hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy and it was a just a great night to be a Boston fan. Because I am such a big fan of the game of basketball in general, it was great to see Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett finally get a chance to win a championship. It legitimizes them as being three of the games greatest players and it cements their legacies as Hall of Fame players. They will also forever be a part of the history of the Celtics organization which is pretty special in itself and I’m really happy for those guys.

So as the NBA season comes to a close, think about this. Does it really come as a surprise that the Celtics won it all this year? I don’t know about you but once I found out that they had picked up KG and Ray Allen, I pretty much penciled them in as the champions. I will say that I didn’t expect the Lakers to make it this far. I do expect them to be back here next year once Andrew Bynum comes back and I see a rematch on the horizon. I guess we’ll find out in three and a half months! Congratulations to the Celtics, all of their fans, the city of Boston and the entire New England area.


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