Kobe Bryant – Dream Deferred

Take a look at this picture…take a long, hard look. Do you see that man’s face? The look of anger, the look of disappointment. The look of disgust at having to walk off the court in second place because when he needed them the most, his supporting cast just quit on him. That is the face of a man who I can promise you is driven to make it back to the NBA Finals next year and win this time. How can I be so certain? Because Kobe Bean Bryant is the second best player to ever pick up a basketball behind Michael Jeffrey Jordan and he’s every bit the competitor. Right now he’s probably in the gym, working out or watching film somewhere. So to all you haters, I know that watching him lose last night made you happy, but let’s face it…Kobe Bryant is the reason the Lakers even made it to the Finals. And I can guarantee you one thing, Kobe Bryant will be the reason they make it back.


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