David Falk


I was initially going to write about Elton Brand leaving the warm southern California sun for Philly Cheesesteaks and the fallout from his decision. But that would’ve been boring, all you have to do is watch ESPN for that. So instead, I decided to write about the man truly responsible for EB heading back east, David Falk.

I’m not going to assume that everyone knows who this guy is, but you should. Even though he’s semi-retired (he currently only represents 7 players as opposed to 40 at his peak) he is still one of the most powerful – and most hated – agents of any sport. Some stats for ya: in the 90’s, behind David Stern he was the second most powerful man in the NBA. For 12 straight years The Sporting News listed him as one of the 100 most powerful people in sports. He represented MJ his entire career and he is the reason why we all rock Air Jordans today. That alone puts him at the top of the food chain! Needless to say, the man has an ego like no other.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that Allen Iverson almost signed a Nike deal instead of Reebok when he was drafted. The reason Reebok won the bidding war? Well, Georgetown is Nike sponsored and the 2 years that AI was a Hoya, he rocked Nikes (and Jordans). So Nike obviously felt like they had an inside track on signing “The Answer” once he turned pro. But then Phil Knight (founder of NIke) and Falk had beef. Nike wanted to control the marketing of AI and Falk wasn’t having it, he wanted some say so. Reebok was willing to give him what he wanted because at that time they weren’t a major player in the shoe game and they needed someone who could change that and the rest is history (Iverson has only had ONE hot shoe since he’s been with the company though). I could go on and on about this man, but his reputation is legendary and you can do your own research on his career accomplishments. The bottom line on Falk is that he gets what he wants…for himself and his players. Get on his bad side, and he’ll make you pay dearly. So screw all the debate and the he said, she said the real reason why Elton Brand is a Sixer is very simple…Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers pissed off Falk back in 2003 when Elton’s rookie contract expired.

Elton Brand almost played for the Miami Heat the last time he was a free agent. The Heat made him an offer and Falk basically warned Sterling not to match it. Sterling did, and from there the seed was sown. There was no way EB was going to re sign with the Clippers even with them signing Baron Davis…Falk wasn’t going to let it happen, period. He’s the ultimate control freak and I believe that’s the reason why Iverson eventually fired him. AI is a leader and won’t be told what to do and Brand is the exact opposite. He was going to go wherever Falk told him to go. I think he really wanted to stay in LA and play with BD to be totally honest with you. The money the Clippers and the Sixers offered was the same and Falk’s 4% commission wasn’t going to change, but he had an axe to grind with Sterling. I think Mike Dunleavey is fair in his criticism of Brand. The coach won’t come straight out and say it publicly, but he’s holding Elton responsible for not standing up to his agent. Who in their right mind would willingly leave LA to move to Philly for the same amount of money?! I certainly wouldn’t. But there you have it folks, the real reason why Brand left LA. As much as we all love basketball and the NBA, don’t lose sight of the fact that basketball is a business…but sometimes, it gets personal.


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  1. Cool article. Davis with Brand, it would have been mind blowing! But Falk…

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