It’s Official! Brandon Jennings To Play In Europe

I know that I’m kind of late in writing about this since this was officially announced last week. But I took my time because on this one, I really had to think about what I wanted to say. If you read my last post about this, you could tell that I was against it…and I still am. Probably now more so that he’s made it official. I think it sets a bad precedent and sends a wrong message to the kids who are paying attention to his decision. I’m about to get on my soapbox for a minute, so bear with me.

Jennings made this decision and according to his people, he hasn’t gotten his SAT score back yet. So theoretically, he could’ve still qualified to play at Arizona. The same thing happened in ’95 when Kevin Garnett declared for the NBA draft before his ACT score came back and when it did it showed that he qualified academically to go to college. Obviously it all worked out in the end, but even still…coming out of high school KG was almost 7 feet tall! That being said, his chances of success at the pro level were far greater than a kid like Jennings who’s listed  at 6’1″. Sebastian Telfair is the last little guy to jump from the preps to the pros and you see how well it’s worked out for him. Yeah, he’s made a few dollars but it wouldn’t have hurt him to spend a year or two down at Louisville with Rick Pitino. He’s only been in the league 2 years and he’s already played for 3 teams!

Like I said before, college isn’t going to guarantee sucess at the NBA level, but it will give you a chance to develop physically, develop your basketball IQ and mature. Brandon Jennings is going to play in some foreign league where he doesn’t speak the language and the competition probably won’t be as strong as what he would’ve found in the PAC-10 or in the NCAA Tournament! Every year teams in the NBA draft players from those leagues who don’t come over and play right away because they just aren’t ready. The game just isn’t the same.

The NBA rule stating that a kid needs to be one year removed from HS in order to play is the reason behind this and I’ll admit, a kid should have the right to choose to get a “job” out of HS or go to college. But hey, it is what it is and when the league renegotiates its collective bargaining agreement, that rule will most likely go away. But coming out of HS, why would you travel half way around the world just to get paid to play basketball? I’m not saying that this will happen to him, but it’s always the guys that only play for the money who ultimately fail and wash out. It’s the ones who truly want to be good basketball players that go on to have successful careers. But, I guess this tattoo tells you all you need to know about Brandon Jennings and what was on his mind when he made his decision…


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  1. I really liked this for some reason. I’m rooting for him I hope he makes it.

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