In The News…Teddy Dupay

I guess I must’ve missed this one, but former Florida Gator PG Teddy Dupay was arrested in Utah and charged with 3 felony counts of rape, agrravated  kidnapping and sexual assault for an incident that occurred in June. His initial court appearance on the charges was today. Wow, talk about a fall from grace! The only other story that I heard more disturbing than this one was about a month ago when former Fresno State Bulldog guard Chris Herren was found unconscious and slumped over in his car (which had just hit a utility pole by the way) with a hypodermic needle and a bag of heroin next to him on the passenger seat. But on to Dupay…

You may not remember him, but he was the corner stone of the Billy Donovan era at the University of Florida in the late 90’s and was his first recruit when he took over the program. Forget Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem, Matt Bonner and Brett Nelson, if it wasn’t for Dupay signing to play in Gainesville those guys probably would’ve never gone there in the first place. He is a Florida HS hoops legend. TT Tolliver (who plays WR for the Orlando Predators in the AFL) was the PG on the Mainland HS team in Daytona that won back-to-back state titles in ’95 & ’96 (Vince Carter starred in ’95). He told me once that when his team faced Dupay in the state championship game in ’96, even though Mainland won he still put up 38pts…and he was only a sophomore!! At 5’10” he is the all time leading scorer in Florida HS hoops history and led the nation in scoring his senior year averaging a ridiculous 41.5ppg with a career high of 70! How did he score so many points? He had a stroke for a little man like you wouldn’t believe!

In 2000 during his sophomore season he led the Gators to the National Championship game (while playing with a torn rotator cuff) where they lost to Michigan State. But it was when his junior season ended that it all started to go downhill. After the team lost in the NCAA tournament, rumors started to swirl that a student at the school was involved in gambling with a local bookie. It turned out that student was Dupay. The following September he left the team and less than a week later a criminal complaint was filed. In it, Dupay was named as an uncharged co-defendant who gave inside information on the Gator’s ability to cover the spread in certain games to a roommate (who placed bets on college and pro games) and then sharing in the profits. It also alleged that Dupay asked another student to place bets for him. Nobody really knows if these allegations are true or not because he was never “officially” charged with committing a crime. Dupay denies any wrong doing and says that he wasn’t allowed to tell his side because he said that the university placed him under what amounted to a gag order preventing him from speaking about the situation. Also in the complaint, two of his former teammates – Brett Nelson and Brent Wright– allegedly told campus police that Dupay spoke of gambling in their presence.

After leaving school Dupay played for Nike Elite, an exhibition team that played against college squads. From there it was on to the ABA, a team in Venezuela, the NBDL, the CBA, the USBL, and teams in Italy and Poland. His last professional basketball game was played in 2005. In 2006 he was reportedly working at a call center in Utah which is where the latest saga in the story begins. According to reports on June 19, Dupay’s girlfriend of 2 years was punched and/or kicked by him over 150 times before he allegedly raped her on the floor of a hotel room and then threatened to kill her and her family if she left the room. She is said to have suffered two fractured ribs, scratches on her back and bruises on her thigh, arm and shoulder. Dupay acknowledged having sex with her and said it “got a little rough” giving new meaning to the term “beating it up”. He faces life in prison on each of the 3 felony counts.


4 Responses

  1. I have known ted since he was a child and he was always confident but never abusive. check out the ladies story before convicting him.

  2. teddy didn’t do it. EAT ONE cause you juse don’t know any better. He is a good man.
    you guys really are low, huh?
    leave him alone and let him live his life.

  3. Teddy and his family have always been rule breakers…it doesn’t surprise me that he only got 30 days. His dad sure has some pull. Sad story…hope this teaches him a lesson.

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