In The News…Marcus Camby

The Los Angeles Clippers offset the loss of Elton Brand by trading with the Denver Nuggets and acquiring Marcus Camby for, get this…a trade of second round picks! They basically gave the guy away for nothing. Is that all a former defensive POY and league leader in blocks is worth? Financially it makes sense on the Nuggets part, they’re trying to cut costs since they had the 4th highest payroll in the league last year(the contracts of Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony and Kenyon Martin will do that to you), but they don’t benefit at all on the court from this. Martin is the only player ever to have micro-fracture surgery on both knees and Nene is coming off of surgery for testicular cancer.

It’s not like this trade helps the Clippers much either as they’re still going to be mediocre and probably won’t make the playoffs, but if you’re the Nuggets and you’re trying to get out of the first round of the Playoffs next year, luxury tax or not you don’t trade away your best defensive player and get absolutely nothing in return.


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