Tracy McGrady Wants To Be A Piston?

So I’m reading in the Detroit Free Press today that T-Mac wants to be a Piston. The team has said that they’re not interested in trading for him and supposedly there have been no talks between the Pistons and the Houston Rockets, but he is definitely interested.

I can understand why he wants out of Houston. First of all, the West is still loaded. The Spurs and the Lakers are going to be a force automatically. Add the Hornets, the Jazz, the Mavericks and the Trailblazers (yes, I said it) into the mix and he’s looking at not making it out of the first round again next year. Not to mention the fact that T-Mac and Yao Ming are two of the most fragile franchise players in the history of the NBA and neither of those guys will probably play a full season next year (again) due to injury in which case the team could miss the playoffs altogether.

On the flip side, the East is wide open. After you pencil the Celtics, the Pistons and the Cavaliers in, there are still 5 playoff spots open. That means that with the addition of a player like McGrady, the Pistons very well could make it back to the Finals. Even if he does get hurt (which he probably will), they still have enough firepower to withstand him being out for any length of time.

My personal thoughts is that this deal will probably go down with Rasheed Wallace being one of the Pistons being shipped off. It does create a problem at the forward spot though because you have Tayshaun Prince and I don’t see the team parting with him, but a rotation issue can be easily fixed. If it does happen, it will be McGrady’s 4th team in his NBA career. Stay tuned…


4 Responses

  1. What will the Rockets get in return for T-MAC? I’m thinking only Chauncey Billups and Tayshaun Prince. Because the Pistons will probably trade Billups because they have Rodney Stuckey now. I don’t see why the Rockets would want Rasheed Wallace. Actually a good trade would be T-Mac for Rip Hamilton but I don’t see the pistons doing that. Because Rip is the best player on the team and is pretty young. Rasheed and Billups are old. And though Prince is young but he’s tradeable. I don’t see any trade happening unless the Pistons trade Rip for T-Mac straight up. Otherwise a deal for billups and prince or billups and wallace for t-mac is ridiculous for houston. Just like that deal billups and prince for carmelo anthony. Denver would be out of their minds for trading carmelo for billups who is old and prince who is young but that a star like melo.

  2. but not a star like melo

  3. I’d give up rip for T-Mac in a heartbeat. Even though I like RH, he’d have to go…

  4. Yo i think that T-Mac should be a piston defenintly because this whole time houston has been tryin to add new players n’ make adjustments so that T-Mac would be satisfied but it looks like the arrangements haven’t worked out all so he needs to get the hell outta there and get him a Championship….!!!!!!!!!!!

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