Sparks Fly, Shock-ing Brawl

In an effort to stick with the theme of this blog which is “All Things Basketball“, I present to you the first “cat fight” in the history of the WNBA!! Hey, I know I’m late on this one…but my daughter was born on Tuesday and I didn’t feel like writing anything yesterday (I’m actually writing this from the hospital). In any case, I’m sure you all know by now that the incident was between the new “face of the league” Candace Parker of the Los Angeles Sparks and “who the heck is” Plenette Pierson of the Detroit Shock with about 4secs left to go in regulation. The crazy thing about this fight was the fact that it wasn’t really a fight at all, it was more of a shoving match than anything. However, the real action came off camera when the Sparks’ Lisa Leslie swung on Shock assistant coach Rick Mahorn (original Detroit Bad Boy) and he literally shoved her 5ft across the court which caused her teammate DeLisha Milton-Jones to hit him in the back in retaliation! Sadly, the Shock’s Cheryl Ford (daughter of Karl Malone) suffered a torn ACL in all this trying to play peace maker.




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