In The News…Monta Ellis ($Cha-Ching$)

And 1 ran the ad asking “Who Is Monta Ellis?“; well, I’ll tell you. Monta Ellis is now a very rich kid from Jackson, MS. He just signed a 6 year extension with the Golden State Warriors that will pay him $67 million (last year he made $770K, this season he’ll make $11 million). With the departure of Baron Davis to the Los Angeles Clippers, Monta became the teams starting PG and the Warriors had to pay him starters money, but it wasn’t just that though…Monta earned his cheese. Last year he averaged 20ppg while shooting 53% from the field…that ranked him 14th in the league overall, and he’s only 6’3!! You can expect that 20ppg to jump up to about 27ppg now that he’s the full time starter at PG. ‘Ta could mess around and be an All-Star this year. He seems to be on the Gilbert Arenas career path, and not just because they both started their careers in Golden State. Gil is probably the highest paid 2nd round draft pick in the history of the league; and Monta just might pass him up one day. The future looks real bright in the Bay Area…


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