Team USA Rolls Past Team Canada

Coach K didn’t refer to what happened Friday night as a game; he called it “practice”. And that’s exactly what it looked like. OK, I’ll give Canada a break, they only had one player on the squad with NBA experience…and he’s a D-League call up from Miami. That being said, a snowball on the Las Vegas strip had a better chance for survival. It was close after the 1st quarter when Team USA only lead by 6pts and I’m sure TC felt good about itself. But by halftime they were down by 23 and at the end of the game when they looked up and saw that they’d just gotten blown out by 55pts (without LeBron James), whatever positive vibe they had after quarter one was already on the plane back to Canada.

In his first taste of competition since March 8th, Dwyane Wade put up 20pts, along with Carmelo Anthony and Michael Redd who torched TC for 6 treys. Team USA shot 66%  from the field – at one point hitting 16 of its first 20 shots – but they also committed 19 turnovers which is something they need to work on as the competition gets stiffer once they get to Beijing. They did force TC into committing 24 turnovers which led to 43pts, but they also had some lapses defensively, but with another 13 days of practice to work all the kinks out those little things should go away by the time Olympic competition begins. All in all, this team looks like it’s ready to re-establish us as the world basketball power we once were. We should all be proud.


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