Ron Artest Traded To Houston

Didn’t see this one coming (yeah right). Ron Artest said recently that he should’ve opted out of his contract with the Sacramento Kings and that he regretted not doing so. Two weeks later the Kings sent him packing. In another something for nothing deal similar to the one the Nuggets made with the Clippers for Marcus Camby, the Rockets give up Bobby Jackson and rookie Donte Green, a first round draft pick and cash for the new millenium Dennis Rodman. I remember during his rookie year in Chicago he popped up in Cabrini Green one day to kick it. Who just shows up in one of the roughest housing projects in history just to hang out with people he doesn’t know…by himself? Don’t get me wrong, Cabrini appreciated the love he showed and he was pretty much safe while he was there, but when I heard this I was thinking, who does that?! I knew then something about the boy wasn’t right.

Anyway, with this addition the Houston Rockets have to now be considered major players in a tough western conference. Artest brings a defensive presence and the ability to score. The only problem is that there isn’t a single person in that organization who can control him and just like everywhere else he’s played, it’s only a matter of time before he does or says something that’s going to eventually get him shipped out of there. Still, I like this move on the part of the Rockets. It gives them some sort of insurance because they have the two most fragile superstars in the league and if you look at that roster, “soft” is the first thing that comes to mind so toughness was definitely what they needed. Also, between Artest and Shane Battier you have two of the best defenders in the NBA and that two headed monster is going to make it tough for opposing teams best perimeter players. The question is, how long will it take for him to wear out his welcome in H-Town? Southern hospitality only lasts for so long Ron-Ron…you’ll see.


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  1. Ron Artest will be fine he reunites with Rick Adelman. So he won’t make no trouble. A lot of people are saying now trade Shane Battier because he and Artest play the same position. I wouldn’t trade Shane just yet. I would try to play him off the bench as a six man. Shane doesn’t need to score that much better. So he can come off the bench play some defense and I think that would be a good fit. I don’t think the Rockets will do this. But why not sign back Bonzi Wells for a reunion.

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