The State of Mississippi (HS Basketball) – Part 3

So this past Friday I’m in SuccezZ; its a high end clothing and sneaker boutique on Michigan Ave that’s co-owned by Lavelle “V-Dot” Sykes (fashion connoisseur and Chi-Town sneaker shop king) & Bobby Simmons of the New Jersey Nets. I was going out with them and some guys from the store to a Nike Dunk release party that night and I was in there picking up my invitation. So I’m talking to my guy who is the store manager and my phone rings. Now normally, I never answer calls from numbers I don’t recognize but that day I did and guess who it is? None other than the man himself…Omhar Carter. 99% of the people who read my blog have no clue as to who I am, but the things that I’ve written about Mr. Carter and basketball in Jackson made it very easy for him to know who I was. That being said, It’s not like I was trying to hide my identity from him or anything like that. I knew at some point in time all of the stuff that I wrote would get back to him and I’m really surprised that it took as long as it did. I also knew that once he found out he and I would have to talk about it, I just figured it would’ve happened the next time I was in Jackson…oh well. Me and Omhar talked for about 40 minutes on the phone that day and even though he didn’t come right out and say it, he basically called me a liar and a hater. I’m a lot of things, but I’m not a liar and I’m certainly not a hater. I don’t have anything to gain or lose by doing what I’m doing, but if that’s how he feels then that’s fine.

The first thing that he asked me was what was up with the blog and why was I writing things that were untrue. He also said that he couldn’t believe that it was me doing it because as far as he knew he and I hadn’t had a falling out. I told him that I didn’t have a problem with him personally – which I don’t – and what I’m doing is more for the kids and their parents than anything else. So I asked him what it was that I wrote that he felt was inaccurate or untrue because I would have no problem fixing it. He mentioned what I said about the parent who called me after the USM encounter (he said it didn’t happen like that) and the stuff I wrote about him not having a basketball resume. If I ever write anything that is incorrect and/or untrue then I have no problem correcting it. Let me say this, much of what I wrote about him came from my own recollection of events. So if I left something out or said something that was wrong, it’s not that I was trying to be malicious in any way…I just forgot. But let’s deal with these “inaccuracies” because after all I told him that I would fix it and…it’s also the responsible thing to do.

First off, I said that Omhar was supposed to go and play for Alcorn but he never did. He said that the reason he never played for them was because they were on probation at that particular time. In 1994, the NCAA placed Alcorn State University on probation, banning the basketball program from post-season competition for 2 years and stripping them of scholarships. I do remember having a conversation about this with Omhar back in the day. He said that coach Davey Whitney wanted him but couldn’t offer him a scholarship because of the probation. So in order for him to play there he would’ve had to pay out of pocket. Know this…if a coach really wants you to play for him, he will make a way for you to play for him. One down.

Secondly, I said that Omhar never played for Mississippi College. He said that he did play for MC and that he had rings. After doing some research, I found that I was wrong on that one too. In ’98-’99 Omhar apparently was a member of the Choctaws squad and that year they did win the American Southwest Conference championship. However, if you played for coach Mike Jones (who?), whether you  contributed or not you were on a winning team. So theoretically, if Omhar played the entire season then he does have a ring. You can check out his stats here. Two down.

Finally, Omhar told me that he played for Fargo-Moorhead Beez of the IBA (the team and the league are both defunct now). When I was writing the last post, I did find thistransaction log dated October of ’00 saying that he signed with the team but quite honestly, I didn’t think it was the same Omhar Carter. I even called people to see if they knew anything about it and nobody did. But apparently it was…and so is this. I also found this site which lists all of the Beez ex-players and if you click on Omhar’s name it lists Alcorn as the college he attended and not MC. I wonder why that is since we’ve already established that he never played there? Anyway, I don’t know if me writing any of this makes me a hater…but it certainly doesn’t make me a liar and to me that’s more important. This all reminds me of the lyrics to this old Jay-Z song. Ironically, the title of it is called “Where I’m From”:

Your word was everything and everything you said you do…you did it.

Couldn’t talk about it if you aint live it.

To Be Continued…


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  1. Wow, I guess the truth hurts

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