Ben Gordon Out In Chicago?

Ben Gordon said that he believes his playing days with the Chicago Bulls are over. He has led the team in scoring 3 of his 4 years in Chicago and for that he feels that he should be the teams highest paid player. The problem with that logic is Luol Deng just signed a $71 million dollar deal with incentives that could push it to $80 million. The most the Bulls could offer Gordon without going into luxury tax territory is a 6 year deal worth around $58-$60 million. That’s what the market value is for guards right now (check the contracts of Baron Davis, Monta Ellis and Corey Maggette) and in my opinion that’s still too much to pay for an undersized shooting guard who to his credit, can score but is more sixth man than starting guard and can’t guard anybody.

The other problem that Gordon has is his options are extremely limited right now. Because he is a restricted FA and the Bulls can match any offer he receives from another team, and the only way out of town for him at this point is to find a team willing to pay more money that what the Bulls can offer and get a sign and trade done. That scenario seems highly unlikely. The only thing he can do now is have an amazing first half of the season and hope the Bulls can find a team willing to make a trade for him. The funny thing is that he is turning down almost the exact same amount that the team offered him last year. Last year the Bulls were willing to pay him $50 million over 5 years. Had he taken it, this problem would’ve been Luol Deng’s and not his. If he really is dead set against playing here next year, the only thing he can do at this point is go to Europe. He did bring that up as a possibility a few weeks ago but to date, I haven’t heard of any European squads that have extended offers to him. Ben, personally…I think you need a new agent.


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  1. Thats what Ben Gordon is always saying. Bulls trade him already.

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