Half Baked – Darrell Arthur & Mario Chalmers

Mario Chalmers of the Miami Heat and Darrell Arthur of the Memphis Grizzlies just added a new verse to the Afro Man song:

I got kicked out of rookie camp/because I got high/because I got high/because I got hiiiiiggggghhhh!! 

Whatever they were smoking got somebody’s attention because security was notified and these two geniuses got popped with weed and women in their hotel room at a resort in New York where the NBA was holding their 4 day rookie transition program. Not only did they get sent home, but they both got fined $20,000 each, they’re more than likely going to be suspended by the league for the start of the season and they have to come back and complete the program with next years rookie class. Brandon Rush must’ve ran to the store to get the beer when the raid went down (just kidding). Way to get your careers off the ground fellas…


One Response

  1. Sasha Kaun would never do this.

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