Warriors Question Ellis’ Injury

So I’m sure by now you’ve all heard about Monta Ellis injuring his ankle so badly that he had to have immediate surgery. This all happened a few weeks after the ink dried on a contract which gave him one of the biggest pay raises in NBA history. He told the Golden State Warriors that he injured it playing pickup ball in Jackson, MS….but due to the severity of his injury the team isn’t buying it. ESPN.com reported that Monta had “several cuts and abrasions” on his leg inconsistent with what you would see in a “normal” basketball related injury. He also tore his deltoid ligament which is on the big toe side of your ankle and is an injury rarely seen in basketball. As long as the injuries don’t cause any lasting damage (which reportedly they shouldn’t) the team won’t have to void his contract if they find out he got hurt due to non-basketball related activities; but they are investigating. Now I keep my ear to the street with what goes on in “Jacktown” and I put my feelers out to get the scoop on what really happened. So I get this bug spit in my ear the other day right…


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  1. The Warriors are really screwed if Monta Ellis becomes Jay Williams.

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