The Beautiful Struggle

Ever seen “Through The Fire“? The movie about Sebastian Telfair and his senior season in HS and his road to the NBA? Well, do you remember his older brother Jamel Thomas who played overseas? Well, he’s writing a book and he’s put some things in there about their cousin Stephon Marbury. In the book he talks about Steph’s selfishness and how he basically screwed him out of a deal to play for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He said that Kevin Garnett told him that Steph initially tried to get him signed with Minnesota, but after “Starbury” started trippin’ about getting the same money that KG got and then forcing the trade to New Jersey, the Timberwolves wanted no part of Jamel. According to Thomas, KG told him “I could’ve pulled some strings for you, but your cousin is a ****** up dude.”

For those of you who don’t know, Jamel Thomas was a standout college player at Providence. He played alongside God Shammgod and Austin Croshere and I never could understand why he didn’t got drafted, especially after leading the Big East in scoring his senior year. He only played a total of 12 games in the NBA but dude can ball, trust me. In any case, I don’t find any of what he says hard to believe. I have always felt that Stephon was a selfish player (even though I think the Starbury brand was total genius) and a terrible guy to have on your roster evidenced by the fact that every team he’s played for since he left the ‘Sota has sucked. However, the minute they get rid of him, the team drastically improves (see the Phoenix Suns & New Jersey Nets). So there is hope Knicks fans…get rid of “the cancer’s cancer” and watch your team get back into the playoffs. As far as the book, I might read it, it’s only 8 chapters. But my dude, the Youtube video I saw with you promoting your book and rocking the pink sweater vest?! That aint right son…


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  1. YES i am the brother of jamel and i have read the book. to be honest with yall i think the book is beautiful. Why does every1 judge my brotha jamel success only on his basketball career? Jamel is blessed and successfull in life and thats the way God usually take care of his children. AND for the record, EVERYTHINg IN THE BOOK IS TRUEEEEE! PS:BASSY’S THE NEW STEPH!!!!!!!!!!

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