Throwin’ Rocks At The Throne

Remember last year when LeBron James showed up at the Cleveland Indians/New York Yankees playoff game proudly sporting a Yankees cap…in Cleveland?! Well, this past Sunday he was at the Cleveland Browns/Dallas Cowboys game clearly supporting the Cowboys by standing on their sideline chatting it up with “Pacman” Jones and rocking his Yankee lid…in Cleveland!! He has long admitted to being a “loyal” Cowboy, Yankee and Chicago Bulls fan, but apparently the people of Cleveland (or at least the sports writers) have had enough of his lack of “loyalty” to his hometown teams. And to tell you the truth, I don’t blame them. I know that “technically” he’s not from Cleveland, but being from Akron which is only 30min away doesn’t exactly make him an out-of-towner either.

I’m from Chicago and it would be unthinkable for me not to root for the Bulls, Bears, Cubs, White Sox, Blackhawks, Wolves, Fire, Rush and Sky. The last 5 teams I don’t even keep up with — and unlike most Chicagoans, I don’t even pick a side between the Cubs and Sox — the only thing that I care about is the fact that they all represent Chicago and as a Chicagoan they represent me so naturally I want them to win. As a matter of fact, I don’t care what level it is, if you’re from Illinois I’m riding with you period.

I have to admit to being a Cowboys fan and a Yankee fan too, but when the Cowboys play the Bears and when the Yankees play the White Sox, guess who I’m rooting for? When the University of Illinois played North Carolina in ’05 for the NCAA Championship, I rode with the Illini even though I’m a Tarheel and Michael Jordan fan. When North Carolina won that game, I was literally sick and on the verge of divorcing UNC and MJ for good! That’s how serious it is with me. Now I’m not saying that LeBron has to go that far with it and I know that in NE Ohio it’s no secret that he’s a “front runner” and doesn’t pull for the locals, but at least show some respect and don’t go to their home games and root for the other guy! Knowwhatimsayin??


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  1. Lebron James sucks

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