T-Mac Puts Up “3 Points”

If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet an NBA player personally and interact with them like I have, you’re probably like most people who tend to think of them as being nothing more than self centered individuals who only care about themselves. And in a way you’d be correct; narcissism is a common theme in all professional athletes. But for the most part, they tend to be good people who devote their time and efforts to giving back to those who are a lot less fortunate than themselves.

I read in the LA Times today that Tracy McGrady has a documentary called 3 Points chronicling the four days he spent visiting three refugee camps in Africa’s Darfur region. Most people have never even heard of Darfur, they have no clue as to where it is, nor do they have any idea as to what’s going on there. Basically, there is a civil war between the Sudan’s Arab leaders and the ethnic Africans who live there which has led to hundreds of thousands of people murdered and even more who have been displaced. Tracy admittedly had no clue as to the seriousness of the situation over there so he decided to see it for himself and document his trip. Imagine a multi-millionare, 6’8″ professional athlete who’s used to the finer things in life having to sleep in a tent, deal with the hot African climate with no AC, eat food that isn’t prepared anywhere near to the standards that we’re used to, worry about stepping on land mines when he walked, and listen to people tell stories about murder, rape and torture. T-Mac did that, and you know what? I admire him a whole heck of a lot for doing it!

The goal of his trip was to raise awareness to the situation in Darfur, but while he was there he quickly realized that what the children in the refugee camps needed most was education, so he contributed $75,000 of his own money to build a school in one of the camps. The money will also train teachers and help purchase educational supplies for a year as well. His old HS in Florida will act as a sister school and they will hold fund raisers to help send additional supplies. His goal is to build 12 schools in the camps and so far he has 11 players in the league who are going to help him do it. Not bad for self centered professional athletes right?

To educate yourselves about the situations in Darfur, Eastern Congo, Chad and Northern Uganda (which is Africa’s longest war) please visit the Enough Project website to learn more.


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  1. Good job T-MAC

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