Josh Howard – Dumb & Dumberer

OK, it’s official. I’m now convinced that Josh Howard is hands down the dumbest professional athlete of any sport…ever!! Last year he admitted to smoking marijuana and outed the rest of his NBA “frat” brothers by saying that most of them get high too. It has long been suspected that the reason he slipped to 29th in the 2003 NBA draft (despite being only the second player in ACC history to rack up 1000 points, 500 rebounds, 200 assists, 200 steals, 100 blocks, and 100 three-pointers) was because he had a marijuana problem. He also speculated in an interview that he was sure that some of the players picked before him also smoked. Then he got arrested and charged with speeding (94mph in a 55mph zone), careless & reckless driving and speed competition for apparently racing his Lexus against a Volkswagon. Did I also mention that he admitted to going out to a club and kicking it for his birthday the night before a playoff game? Well, his latest screw up is this video circulating around the internet of him at the Allen Iverson & Carmelo Anthony charity flag football game in July.

This thing started with little to no buzz and even though I had heard about what happened I wasn’t even going to write about it. But I just saw that ESPN got a hold of it and it’s pretty much going to be big news now. In any case, while the “Star-Spangled Banner” is being sung, he is caught on camera saying that he doesn’t celebrate it because he’s black! No wonder he turned down an invite to train with the US Olympic Team in ’06. This really isn’t the right time to be viewed as being un-patriotic and this is the same kind of stuff that got Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf banned from the league! I guess marijuana really does kill brain cells because this dude apparently doesn’t have any left. A word of advice to all the players in the league; if you get high, please make sure that you don’t do it with Josh Howard. He’ll probably tell on you. And to Josh a word of advice…when cameras are around, do yourself a favor and just SHUT UP!!



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  2. As I was reading this the story just came up on ESPN…dude needs to shut the F*** up!

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