Michael Beasley aka “Mr. Me Too”

The league fined Michael Beasley $50,000 after he admitted his involvement in the recent incident at the rookie symposium in New York that got Mario Chalmers and Darell Arthur kicked out and fined $20K for having marijuana and girls in a hotel room. He didn’t cooperate with the original investigation, but came clean after it ended which is why he received the higher fine. Basically he admitted to being in the room at some point during the night. Had he been caught in the room with Arthur and Chalmers he would’ve been sent home as well. The thing about this story that stands out to me — an admitted conspiracy theorist — is the part about him not cooperating with the original investigation. Exactly what does that mean? Why would the NBA have any reason to interview him at all about this particular incident in the first place? I’ll bet they knew he was there but because he’s the #2 pick in the draft and one of the up and coming “fresh faces” in the league they threw the other two guys under the bus and let him go and told him that they would deal with him later. It seems to me that they just waited for this story to die down and then put this out. I mean c’mon, “B-Easy” is from Baltimore…or is it D.C.? Who knows, he’s moved around so much but you know what I’m sayin’!! I don’t know one person from the hood who got away with something and then came clean about it later. Don’t believe the hype people, stuff like that just doesn’t happen…

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