JJ Redick – Reminiscing Over You

I want to talk to you today about a man who at the time was probably the most hated player in all of college basketball. A man who went to the most hated school in the history of college basketball. A man so hated that there wasn’t anything left for even Silky Johnston to hate on! And for as much as he was hated, and as much as people actually hate to admit, this man is without a doubt the greatest shooter ever in the history of college basketball. The man I’m speaking of is none other than Jonathan Clay Redick. You might know him as JJ.

Make no mistake, I am a card carrying member of the “Duck Fuke” club. But I’m a basketball player first, so game recognize game. There have been a few guys that came through Durham who in my opinion could really play. And out of those four, JJ is my favorite. Some people like guys with sick handles who can embarass anybody trying to guard them. Others like the high flyers who just love it when people try and jump with them. But for me, the most beautiful thing in basketball is watching a pure shooter go to work and making the opposing team just shake their heads. JJ Redick did that for four years. With perfect form every single time he made shots going to his left, going to his right, off the screen, off the dribble, mid-range or deep, wide open or with a hand in his face it didn’t matter. He was a sniper. Duke University’s very own hitman. Coach K’s “automatic weapon”.

When you’re that good at something the haters are going to come; that’s just the way life is. The things JJ went through in college prove just how good he really was. The fact that he went to Duke just made things worse; although eight miles and a lighter shade of blue could’ve easily turned the JJ Redick hate fest into a love affair. But no matter which school he attended on Tobacco Road, take a look at his numbers and you’ll see that there are only two words that can describe his college basketball career. Hater proof.



One Response

  1. I always thought Salim Stoudemire was better.

    But yeah, I still think JJ might be able to catch on with a NBA team. Normal people cant shoot like that.

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