Ben Gordon – Another Year In The Chi

So I get this email a little after midnight that said that Ben Gordon had signed the Bulls 1 year qualifying offer of $6.4 million dollars, turning down the 6 year $58 million dollar long term deal that was reportedly on the table. This deal means that next year he will become an unrestricted free agent and if the team doesn’t make any moves to free up their backcourt log jam, he almost certainly WILL NOT be a in a Chicago Bulls uniform next year. At the guard spot the Bulls have Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich, Larry Hughes, Thabo Sefolosha & Gordon. Something is going to have to give because all of those guys are going to demand minutes and there just won’t be enough to go around

I knew this girl that used to hang out with BG and she told me that outside of basketball he wasn’t exactly the smartest person in the world. I see what she means now. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Ben Gordon and he is the only real scoring threat that the Bulls have, but I still wonder how  you turn down $50 million+ dollars…TWICE?! I don’t get it. Ben, is your ego that inflated that $50 million dollars isn’t enough money for you? I’ll bet if you added up the salaries of your entire family over a lifetime it wouldn’t add up to $50 million dollars. I know that it’s a must that a professional athlete be confident in himself and his abilities at all times but this is bordering on just plain old stupidity. What happens if you get hurt this year? What happens next year if you can’t get the money that you feel like you deserve from the Bulls or any other team? What then? Pro ball in Europe to try and get the cash that you want? If that’s not an option then you’re going to have to swallow your pride and take the lesser deal and that’s going to suck! Maybe it’s me and you and your agent — which I would’ve already fired by now — know something that I don’t know but I don’t see any team out there willing to throw $70 million+ at a shooting guard who can definitely score but is undersized and can’t guard anybody. So next year if he ends up having to sign for less money than what the Bulls have already offered him, somebody needs to let the local Alcoholics Anonymous chapter know that they may have a new member joining their support group. Stupidity like that will drive a man to drinking…heavily!


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  1. perhaps, it was the worst situation to Chicago Bulls because the next year, Ben Gordon’ll be free agent and he could get a better deal.

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