Candace Parker Wins ROY & MVP

So Candace Parker becomes only the sixth professional athlete, the third professional basketball player and first woman to be awarded league MVP and Rookie of the Year honors in the same season. If you add that to her winning an Olympic gold medal this summer and being Rookie of the Month twice along with being named to the All-WNBA and All-Rookie team, she becomes the first basketball player — male or female — who has ever had a year like this. It leads me to wondering “what if” though. What if the Sparks would’ve made it to the WNBA championship series? What if they would’ve won the title? What if Candace Parker had been named Finals MVP? If those scenarios played out and given the awards and successes she’s had at the HS and college level, would that have given her the title of the greatest women’s basketball player of all time?  Am I getting a little ahead of myself? I know that she has many, many, more years ahead of her and so many more games to play and championships to win before she can be handed that tiara, but  still…I can’t help myself.

So you know what? Screw it! I’ll put myself on record and go ahead and say that Candace Parker is the greatest women’s basketball player of all time. And do you want to know why I give her that title? Because she’s from Naperville, IL which is about 45min — on a good day — outside of Chicago. She’s homegrown baby and that’s how we do!! The only problem that I have with her is that she’s engaged to Shelden Williams, a “Dukie”!! But other than that, congratulations Candace…you go girl!!


3 Responses

  1. She really deserves it. I’m proud of her and I don’t know her; but I’d like to. To bad her man would stand in my way.

  2. Too bad she is such a rude person. I asked her for her autograph at the Pistons game a couple of days ago and she couldnt have been less friendly. She didnt smile or say a word. Other fans asked to take a picture with her and she stood, without smiling and let them take a picture. Oh well, I will still root for the Sparks. She was probably just made because her man didnt get any PT

  3. you is a big fat lie candace would never do that because she is a good person one time this girl out the stands came and gave her a hug and she smiled and gave her one back that girl was me sooo ooohh feel played liar

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