Derrick Rose Scores 10pts In NBA Pre-Season Debut

Unless you live in Dallas or here in Chicago you probably didn’t even see the game last night. Derrick Rose didn’t score his first professional FG until the 2nd quarter and from a points perspective he certainly didn’t do as well as Michael Beasley did in his debut (16pts), but in spite of that D. Rose still looked really good. He definitely looked like he belonged in the league. He started his first game as a pro — albeit slowly — and even though it was just a pre-season game it’s still a good sign of things to come. In typical rookie PG fashion, he had more assists (5) than turnovers (6) in the game which he wasn’t too happy about and caused him to critique his own play as being “terrible”, but there is no doubt that Rose is going to be a good player in this league. For me, the thing that stood out the most was his quickness because he just blew by people whenever he got ready. And it wasn’t really “normal” either. When he got by his man, there was no recovery…there was no help either because he beat that too. He moved like AI did when he first got to the league, except D. Rose is 6’3″! That’s a warning to all of the teams out there because as his game matures, they’re going to have to scheme against him because it’s going to be a very long time before he slows down. His jumper is still shaky which everyone knew about that coming in, but it’s going to get better because he’s usually at practice very early or stays very late to work on it and hopefully he’s perfecting his mid range shot because if he gets that down, he’s going to be pretty much unstoppable. With his quickness and jumping ability he’s going to be able to get to any spot on the floor and pull up and once it starts falling, watch out! The Bulls play the Pacers tonight so we’ll see if his play and his production improves, but I was very satisfied with what I saw last night and very excited about what’s to come.


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