Monta Ellis – 30 Game Suspension…No Cheese

$2.99 million, that’s how much it’s going to cost Monta Ellis who was suspended by the Golden State Warriors for 30 games without pay after he seriously inured his ankle in a moped accident in Jackson, MS over the summer. His contract specifically stated that he wasn’t allowed to drive or ride a motorcycle or moped. I guess he didn’t read that part. He won’t be allowed to rejoin the team until after December 17th, but he will be allowed to rehab and work out at the team facility. He will also be allowed inside the arena on game days, but he will not accompany the team to China for its pre-season games. The funny thing about this is that he almost squeezed out of not being disciplined at all. Allegedly Chris Mullin and Don Nelson were leaning toward not punishing him, but team president Robert Rowell wasn’t having it. He set out to make an example of Monta, and I think it was the right thing to do. Does anybody remember Jay Williams whose career ended after he had the genius idea to buy a motorcycle and then crashed it into a pole days later? That could’ve easily been Monta’s situation. So before you think that what the team did was harsh or excessive, when you look at it he’s just not being paid for the games that he can’t play anyway which really isn’t that bad because who knows when he’ll actually be back. Harsh and excessive would’ve been if the team pres decided to make him serve out his 30 games without pay after he’d been cleared to play by team docs while still not paying him for the games that he’d already missed. Or they could’ve just voided his contract altogether which they would’ve been well within their right to do under the circumstances. My point is if somebody gives you $66 million dollars — or any millions at all — just to play basketball and all you have to do is NOT do something that could jeopardize your career, how hard is that? It doesn’t pay to be stupid. Monta just found that out the hard way.


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  1. Rumor in the Jxn area is that the Warriors sent somebody to find out the truth, and somebody ratted him out. Originally, Ellis had said he got hurt in a pick up game. For the record though, he wasn’t doing anything reckless, or it could’ve been a Jay Williams/Bobby Hurley career ending thing.

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