Michael Jordan Breaks A Backboard…What?!

Some people may have already seen this video, but I just came across it by accident today so it’s new to me. In 1986 during a Nike exhibition game in Italy Michael Jordan took off on a dude, dunked him and broke the backboard in the process. I immediately called my boy and told him to go to Youtube to see it. He called me back and said that he didn’t believe it and said that it was doctored! So we’re at odds over this because his point is that if it was real, we would’ve seen it before now. He said that it would’ve been on every MJ tape or at least some of the earlier ones like Come Fly With Me, etc. I countered that those were “league approved” videos so those tapes would’ve only covered college and the Chicago Bulls. Besides if you look at the take off and the form, that’s most definitely Mike! Besides, how are you going to doctor glass falling, cats ducking for cover and the fans in the stands jumping up and going crazy?! That’s my guy and all that but we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one. If he thinks this is doctored then he probably thinks that wasn’t really R. Kelly in the video either! I’ll have to ask him about that. But as far as this one, I’ll let you be the judge…


One Response

  1. Hi illanoyz,i upload it to youtube,and i can promise you that this video is absolutely real,in this video,in more information you can see the highlights of that game,enjoy.

    Greetings from Spain

    Juan Martin

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