Reggie Miller – Trash Talkin’ With MJ

I was listening to the Dan Patrick Radio show one day and he was interviewing Reggie Miller. Reg told a very funny story about the time he trash talked the G.O.A.T during a pre-season game his rookie year. He said that at the time MJ was in his third year in the league so he was a veteran and vets usually don’t go hard during pre-season games, they just basically go through the motions and work on conditioning, timing and stuff like that. So Reg is having a pretty good game and Chuck “The Rifleman” Person is egging him on and telling him that he needs to start talking trash to Mike. Reggie said that he didn’t want to do it but felt like if he did he would be “establishing himself”. Besides, MJ was only 3 years older than him and he hadn’t quite reached “icon” status yet. So with Chuck encouraging him, Reggie starts to tell Mike that he can’t guard him! At the start of the 3rd quarter the Pacers were up by 16 and MJ told Doug Collins who was the coach at the time to leave him in. At that point in the game, Reggie Miller had 12pts and MJ had 2.  When the game was over, Reggie Miller had 12pts and Mike had 35! After it was over he said that MJ walked over to him and told him “Don’t ever talk trash to me again”. He said that with the exception of the fight that they had, during his 17 year career he never said anything out of the way to Mike and that he always kept it cordial and friendly. He said that Michael Jordan was the one guy that he never tried to antagonize on the court. Smart man that Reggie Miller.


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