Devin Harris – “He Tricked Me…”

So there is this video floating around on the internet of Devin Harris getting schooled on the playground in London. It’s pretty popular on Youtube and it’s gotten a ton of hits, but me being me…I think this was all a set up. This whole encounter was sponsored by Adidas which was the first sign that something wasn’t right. He said that they told him that he was going out there to shoot a few jumpers against a kid from the Special Olympics and he gets out there and it’s this guy Stuart Tanner. When he was interviewed about it afterwards he said that he still didn’t know who the guy was and all he heard was that he was a London street baller. Well, it just so happens that Stuart Tanner is a basketball coach and a former player who as it turns out used to play in the British Basketball League. But even still, after seeing this cat out there in tight jeans and a v-neck sweater I’m sure Devin didn’t take him very seriously. Dressed like that, how could he? So after Devin basically let him score the first time and then after Stuart scored the second basket — and the way that he actually did it — it was obvious to Devin that he was set up and he knew that it was time to go. Devin could’ve gotten angry and went to work on this dude with no problem, but he showed that he was a good sport and could take being set up…by his shoe company!!


3 Responses

  1. Are you mental?? Look at the moves that the guy does first off and then to make the shots. you are a complete gimp. He OWNED HIM!!


  2. Just like I just SCHOOLED U!

  3. respect all opponents kids, i think tthat’s the first lesson of basketball

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