Darius Miles – Waive Goodbye

Darius Miles’ bid to return to the NBA fell short when he was cut by the Boston Celtics yesterday. In 6 pre season games he averaged 1.8pts and 1.3 boards in 10.3 minutes of action. The former #3 pick in the 2000 NBA draft has missed the last two seasons because of microfracture surgery in his right knee that Dr’s said was career ending. While this certainly sucks for D. Miles, this works out great for the Portland Trailblazers.  Why? Well, two years ago when it was determined that he would never be able to play again the Blazers were able to drop $26.3 million of his salary from their books over 3 years, which included last season. If he doesn’t get picked up by anyone this year, next summer the Blazers will have an additonal $9 million to spend on the FA market giving them upwards of $25 million to go after players. But, if Miles plays in 10 regular season games in either the ’08-’09 season or the ’09-’10 season, the Portland Trailblazers would be responsible for paying him $18 million of the six year $48 million dollar contract that he signed while he was with the team. So, good luck D. Miles. I’m all about guys from Illinois getting paid!


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