The Charlotte Bobcats – On The Market?

I read a very interesting article today on the dysfunction that is the Charlotte Bobcats and how billionaire owner Robert Johnson of BET fame may be looking to sell the team because he’s rapidly losing money. Michael Jordan — who is part owner and in charge of basketball operations — is my man and all, but let’s be honest here…the Bobcats suck and he built that team. He assembled a roster full of guys who will never make the playoffs, and he hired not only the biggest snake, but also one of the most overrated coaches in the history of the game in Larry Brown who I am definitely not a fan of. Here is a guy who always, always, always hates the players that he has on his team and feels no shame in throwing them under the bus every chance that he gets. That trend has already started because the team hasn’t won a pre-season game yet. Remember what happened when he was in Philly? Seriously, how do you complain about a guy like Allen Iverson who took you to the NBA Finals basically by himself? The problem on the 76ers team wasn’t AI, it was all of the other crappy players that he was surrounded with combined with LB openly talking crap to the media not only about those guys but his star as well. We all remember the whole “practice” incident. Larry Brown is also the most disloyal person I have ever seen. He has no problem flirting with other teams while presently employed or just jumping ship whenever he gets the jones to. Which leads me back to Michael Jordan. No doubt that MJ is the G.O.A.T, but he has no clue on how to run an NBA franchise or build a team. I will never knock him as a player because that would just be asinine but as a GM, that’s a different story.

When he was with the Wizards, he drafted #1 bust Kwame Brown. He also traded Rip Hamilton to Detroit for Jerry Stackhouse. It’s obvious how both of those deals turned out. Two years ago in his first ever draft for the Bobcats, he took Adam Morrison at #3 (he could’ve drafted Brandon Roy who went at #5) who then lost his starting spot midway through his first season because who couldn’t score or defend anybody and then blew out his knee a year later, trying to play defense on Luke Walton of all people!! In this years draft and at the urging of Larry Brown, MJ passed on 7′ center Brook Lopez for 5’10” guard DJ Augustin who never even worked out for the team. Brown reportedly wasn’t high on Raymond Felton even though he is a fellow UNC guy. MJ also gave up a future first round pick to the Nuggets in order to move up to 20th where they were going to try and select Georgetown’s Roy Hibbert. The problem was that Hibbert was taken 17th by the Indiana Pacers so they settled on Frenchman Alexis Ajinca who is 7′, but certainly not a first rounder. The team is also in luxury tax territory with a $63 million dollar payroll where the league salary cap is $58.7 million. For a team with a .332 winning percentage in four seasons, that just aint right! Jordan has also been accused of being an “absentee” executive who no one is really sure if he is even serious about the job because you never know where he is or when he’ll actually show up around the team.

I saw highlights of a home pre-season game that they had a couple of nights ago against the Atlanta Hawks and it looked pretty empty in there to me even though the official attendance was 8,114. Granted, it’s only pre-season but when the Bulls played the Jazz in the United Center on the same night, there were 21,000 people in the stands! That doesn’t bode well for a franchise looking to build itself up from expansion status to legitimate NBA organization. However, when the owners of the team are a billionaire TV guy who doesn’t know anything about basketball (he folded the WNBA franchicse Charlotte Sting 2 years ago), the greatest player of all time who doesn’t know a thing about building a team and a rapper (Nelly), that’s certainly not a good signal that success is forthcoming. To me the only thing MJ has done during his time in Charlotte is hired his friends (Rod Higgins who is the GM & Sam Vincent who was last years coach are both former Bulls teammates) and former UNC guys (check out the coaches) and that certainly isn’t a way to build a winner and I can see why Mr. Johnson wants out because as majority owner he stands to lose the most money. But with the economy being the way that it is and with the current credit crisis, it’s going to be hard to find a buyer. Mark Cuban can’t even buy the Chicago Cubs right now because of what’s going on with the economy and that team is way more valuable so that ought to tell you something. Even though Charlotte is a small market, the fans will support the team if it’s doing well. They certainly supported the Hornets when they were there. My how times have changed.


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  1. la verdad es que hay algunas decisiones algo extrañas. coger a DJ augustin en vez de a Brook lopez no tiene mucha logica viendo las necesidades de los bobcats


    The truth is that there are some somewhat strange decisions. To take DJ Augustin instead of a Brook Lopez does not have much logic seeing the needs of Bobcats

    Thanks bigben!! ~~ illanoyz

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