Benched!! Stephon Marbury & Eddy Curry Get DNP’d

Well, it looks like Steph & Eddy’s days may be numbered in the Big Apple. Neither of them played last night in the Knicks season opening win against the Miami Heat, and it doesn’t look like either of them are going to crack Mike D’Antoni’s rotation either. In the case of Stephon Marbury, I’m not really convinced that what happened last night was a “coaching” decision. It’s very obvious that this was an order handed down by upper management. I know Steph can be disruptive, but there is no way that this guy can’t fit into the up-tempo style that D’Antoni is trying to run. It seems unfathomable to me that you would bench an All-Star and essentially say that he’s not good enough to play in your system, and then play Mardy Collins instead. Talk about a slap in the face!

Now Eddy Curry, well that’s a whole different story. I can see why D’Antoni wouldn’t want to play him. Here is a guy who doesn’t take being a professional basketball player very seriously at all. Physically, he has all the talent and skills to be a dominant big man. Mentally, he just doesn’t have the drive or desire to put in the necessary work to be that kind of player. That would frustrate just about anybody and I can’t blame D’Antoni for benching him. Right now, with the shape that he’s in Eddy Curry couldn’t survive in his fast paced, up-tempo system. And that’s why he’s riding the pine. Some reports have suggested that once he gets into game shape he could find minutes in the rotation, but my guess is that because he’s so fragile mentally, he’s already “checked out”.

So Steph even though I’m not really a fan, I do feel for you bro. I know that you got booed during pre-game intros last night, but there were some fans in the Garden chanting “We want Steph.” and that’s gotta make you feel good right? Eddy, not only are your days as a Knick numbered, if you don’t put forth the effort to become a good pro, your days in the league might be numbered. I usually don’t root against Chi-Town guys, but I’m just being real here. Playing in the NBA is an honor and a privilege, not a right.


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  1. New York fans don’t know what the hell they want, first boo then chant, make up yall mind, as a coach I wouldn’t play steph if I already have a cancer free locker room, he’s a proven disrupter and manipulator, when trying to change a culture of a team or franchise you got 2 get rid of all the bad apples, mr thomas included so mr walsh is calling the shots and i don’t blame him 4 not wanting steph, he’s a helluva talent but horrible teammate. And as for the Eddy Curry situation, well in the famous beginning words of my favorite player “the waterboy”, “my mama, my mama said, if you don’t have anything nice to say……………….

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