Iverson Traded To Detroit For Billups & McDyess

Word on the street is that a deal is in the works to trade Allen Iverson to the the Detroit Pistons for Chauncey Billups and Antonio McDyess (who probably won’t play for Denver and will most likely be bought out by the team). Speculation had been running rampant since training camp that AI probably wouldn’t finish the year in Denver and it seems that Joe Dumars has always wanted AI. He almost brought him to Detroit a few years ago when he was in Philly. This move helps Denver immediately by upgrading them at the PG spot and giving them a proven winner and NBA champion in Chauncey. It also gives him a chance to possibly finish out his career “at home” since he’s originally from Denver.

This deal ultimately won’t help the Pistons win right away, but I don’t think Joe Dumars made this deal with “win now” in mind. Not to knock AI because he is certainly a Hall of Fame player and one of the best ever to play in the NBA, but adding him doesn’t make the Pistons a contender for the eastern conference crown or an NBA title. The only benefit this deal gives Detroit is that AI has an expiring contract and it looks like Joe D is already in the process of freeing up cap room to make a run at the coveted 2010 FA class which includes LeBron James, D Wade and Chris Bosh. It also gives him flexibility during next summers FA signing period as well. So adding Iverson now amounts to what is essentially just a one season “rental”.  The immediate issue for Detroit is going to be figuring out their lineup. Trading away Billups indicates that the team is very high on Rodney Stuckey and if they intend to start him at the one, between AI and Rip Hamilton somebody is going to have to come off the bench at the two spot. So in the short term, the Nuggets win on this one because of their dire need at PG and they’re certainly in “win now” mode. I still don’t think that they’ll be better than a 5th or 6th seed in the playoffs and even by adding “Mr. Big Shot” it doesn’t make them title contenders either. But in the grand scheme of things…Detroit wins big time on this one.


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