OJ Mayo Turns 21…Drops 28 On Sacramento In A Loss


Sometimes, you just have to take the good with the bad and the ugly. Yesterday was OJ Mayo’s 21st birthday and he went out and had a great night in the box score by scoring 28pts and hitting six 3’s. But, his team still lost by 5 to the lowly Sacramento Kings who got their first win of the season. Going into last night’s game he’s averaging 14pts on 39% shooting from the field and 28% from deep. He’s also playing pretty good defense for a rookie but he’s still not going to the FT line which is my only knock on him right now. Through 5 games he’s only taken 9 FT’s and has connected on 8 of them. Percentage wise that’s good, but 6 of those came in one game against the Rockets and that was his NBA debut. He didn’t take anymore until last night; that means he went 2 games without going to the line at all!  A 6’4″ shooting guard in the NBA should have anywhere from 6 to 8 FT attempts a night. I don’t know if it’s Coach Iavaroni’s offense or a lack of aggressiveness on OJ’s part but I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the only way that he’s going to be a 20ppg scorer in this league — which he has the potential to do — is to get to the foul line. Period.


2 Responses

  1. Great performance. OJ is one of my favourites.Also Big Jason Thompson.

  2. well i do believe as a former player you’re only going to do what you’re asked, in Iavaroni’s offense it just might be designed for him to attempt to stretch the defense with da 3 ball (28% i wouldn’t go out there), being he’s not a high %age guy from long range i would back off him and make him and rudy gay beat me from deep. On the other hand being a combo guard myself, if someone plays off of me i still sometimes take the action to them and make something happen in the paint or the line, and that also leads to you getting a rhythm and running off two-four threes a game.

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