Tony Parker Out For A Month

tony_parkerFriday must’ve been “ankle injury night” in the NBA because quite a few players went down with that injury. Most notable being Tony Parker who was diagnosed with with a grade 2 sprain that’s going to keep him out a minimum of 4 weeks. The Spurs have been hit with a rash of injuries lately, including Manu Ginobili who was already out due to surgery on his ankle after aggravating an injury he sustained during last years playoffs in a game against Team USA in the Olympics this summer. It’s still early in the season and despite what some “talking heads” say, starting off strong in the beginning of the season isn’t really that important. In the NBA, the only thing that matters is when you peak and how you finish. Slow starts aren’t necessarily a kiss of death…especially not for a team like the Spurs who are 4 time NBA champions. And as far as Tony Parker, he has Eva Longoria to take care of him while he’s out so he’ll be fine. As long as he doesn’t spend any of his down time trying to rap…we all know what a disaster that was!!


2 Responses

  1. players r noot as durable as we once were. tape dat **** up and let’s get these w’s

  2. tony parker is awesome !

    he needs to heel soon && get back to his team.

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