The Knicks Wheeling And Dealing


The New York Knicks have been very busy today. First they agreed in principle to trade Jamal Crawford to the Golden State Warriors for Al Harrington straight up. This move will certainly help the Warriors as they’re in desperate need of a scoring guard while awaiting the return of Monta “Moped” Ellis. Jamal Crawford was the second leading scorer on the Knicks averaging 19.6ppg. Although at the time I didn’t understand why they would trade Jamal for another PF in Harrington when they already had Z-Bo (Zach Randolph), the picture became much clearer later. In their second (yes second) deal of they day, the Knicks shipped Randolph and Mardy Collins to the Los Angeles Clippers for Tim Thomas and Cuttino Mobley. All these moves show that the Donnie Walsh is serious about getting under the cap. All three of their acquisitions have contracts that will expire in time for the Knicks to make a run at the coveted FA class of 2010. I like the move on the part of the Warriors because Jamal Crawford will be a perfect fit in Don Nelson’s fast break, all offense, no defense system. And when “Moped” comes back him and Jamal should pose matchup problems for teams in the West. The Clippers pick up a 20 & 10 guy in Z-Bo — obviously trying to replace the void left by Elton Brand — but that team is still going to suck no matter what they do.

The Knicks are currently sitting at 6-5 and have traded their two best players away. Chances are that isn’t going to help their record any. Donnie Walsh is obviously willing to sacrifice W’s in order to dismantle the debacle that Isiah Thomas put together during his time in the Big Apple. He’s also gambling in hoping that one of the big time FA’s like LeBron or D Wade will want to come and play in New York in a couple of years. Time will tell, but I like the moves that were made today. The Knicks needed to be dismantled and today was the beginning of several moves I think they will make this season.


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