Stephon Marbury – Refuses To Play, And I Don’t Blame Him

Knicks Bucks Basketball

So Friday when the Knicks traded away Jamal Crawford, Zach Randolph and Mardy Collins the move left them short handed for their game in Milwaukee against the Bucks. League rules state that a team must have 8 active players in order to prevent a forfeit. Coach Mike D’Antoni asked Marbury to dress, and he did. He also told him that there would be 30 to 35 minutes of playing time available to him if he wanted to play. Marbury chose to sit on the bench in his uniform.

When I first heard this, I couldn’t believe it. Coach D’Antoni has said all along that Stephon Marbury would not be a part of the Knicks plans and that they were going in a different direction. Now that three of their players had been traded away — two of them being starters and first and second in scoring on the team — it was one thing to ask him to dress to avoid a forfeit, but then to tell him that there were minutes available if he wanted them…well, that just goes to a whole new level of wrong! I don’t blame Steph for not playing because I wouldn’t have played either. In the media coach D’Antoni made it seem like he refused to play but Steph had a different account, one that when the coach offered him the minutes he reminded him of what the coach had been saying from the beginning of the season. I will say that Stephon Marbury has changed and teams in the league should take notice. The “old” Stephon Marbury would’ve cussed Mike D’Antoni out behind something like that, but instead he took the high road and he certainly should be commended for it. He certainly responded better than I would have given the circumstances.

As far as I’m concerned, Mike D’Antoni was DEAD WRONG for even approaching him with an offer to play. He publicly made himself look like an idiot and a jerk! When he had a full squad he stuck to his guns and refused to play Stephon. Now, due to trades you’re short handed and you want him to play and then when you have a full team again you’re just going to bury him back on the end of the bench? No way! I used to have a lot of respect for him as a coach and a person, but not anymore. He doesn’t deserve any for what he did. Good for you Steph! This is a classic case of “you’ll need me before I need you.”


2 Responses

  1. if it was me i wouldn’t have even dressed, so what fine me. first you tell me you don’t want me and then when you’re in a bind you need my help,#*&% you Walsh and D’antoni, is what i would have said then sat at the end of the bench in that elbow patch jacket

  2. I agree. Vote Marbury for All Star, ’09!

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