Eddie Jordan & PJ Carlesimo – CANNED!

eddie-jordanThe Washington Wizards fired head coach Eddie Jordan after the team started the season 1-10. They seem to be following the Oklahoma City Thunder who fired PJ Carlesimo after the team started 1-12. I’ve never understood why when teams get off to bad starts, the coach is always the ones who are the first to go. Coaches don’t play the games, players do.

The firing of PJ Carlesimo, I understood. Let’s face it, he’s a TERRIBLE coach. He hasn’t won with any squad that he’s had. Not that he would’ve won with the Thunder because that team is awful, but he didn’t win when he actually had talent to work with. He has a career record of 204-296, that has loser written all over it and why any team would hire him to coach is beyond me.

Eddie Jordan on the other hand SHOULD NOT have been fired. Gilbert Arenas, his best player hasn’t played in what seems like 2 years! He still managed to take that squad to the playoffs last year even without his best player. Gilbert Arenas is the one who decided to have another surgery on his knee right before the season started, so the fact that Washington is 1-10 isn’t necessarily his fault. He’s been with that team for 5 years, he certainly deserved better in my opinioin.



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