LeBron Plays The Garden

There was a lot of hype surrounding last night’s game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New York NBA/Knicks. It was LeBron’s first game in the Garden since dropping “fiddy” on the Knicks last year and all of the talk lately has centered around his impending free agency and the possibilty he could come to New York in 2010. To say that the city gave him the red carpet treatment is an understatement; in fact it could almost be considered tampering.

First Nike had him unveil his new “Big Apple” Lebron 6 signature shoe. Nike also gave fans hot dogs, red “Witness” t-shirts and red Nike basketballs. There were signs, posters and fake LeBron James Knick jerseys all over the Garden. Jay-Z & Beyonce was there, Plaxico Burress too. Spike Lee was in his usual seat, rocking a pair of the kicks that LeBron was wearing on the court. During the pre-game intros, LeBron was cheered by the Garden crowd as if he were already one of their own. Everytime he touched the ball or scored, the fans cheered him. He had a dunk and the crowd went nuts. They certainly made him feel more than welcome last night.

The game unfortunately wasn’t as entertaining as Cleveland came in and blew the Knicks out early and “King James” sat out the 4th quarter. But the people of New York certainly made it no secret who they would like to see suit up for them in about 2 years. We shall see…


One Response

  1. just goes to show how two faced the knicks fans are, how in the hell can you cheer for a guy who torches you every time they play. The knicks fans have been watching so much bad basketball for the last couple of years they’ll cheer or boo for anything, wake up new york he aint coming unless you find him somebody else to make it seem as if they can win a chip.

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